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Covid Raises Blitz Spirit for Business

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For many businesses, Covid spelled the end – but for three UK women, it was a catalyst for change.

For the world’s drinks and hospitality sectors the last few years have been extraordinary, and the UK has had a double dose of upheaval with Brexit thrown into the mix.

However, out of the chaos has come opportunity for some. Inspired by desperation and innovation in equal measure, while Covid has seen businesses go to the wall, it has also seen others adapt and survive in these uncertain times. Out of the debris left by lockdown, new businesses have blossomed in – and inspired by – adversity.

One such business that emerged during lockdown is Velvet Spider Cocktails, which was founded by Essex-based Hannah Palmer and her sister-in-law, Natasha Grant. The business specializes in making fresh high-quality cocktails in jam jars – the associated social media is awash with liquid eye candy – which are then delivered to the…

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