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D51 School Board Business

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The School District 51 board meeting had to move to a larger space at the CMU ballroom to accommodate the huge crowd of people listening, watching, and waiting to give their two cents. Andrea Barber plans to address the school board. Barber says, “I’m grieved by the division in our community especially regarding the school board and our school issues, and I just hope that we can come together and rally around, not only our school board, but our students and our teachers ultimately.”

She’s one of 29 people that will address the board for grievances on Tuesday night. Division has been the definition of past board meetings creating the need for even more security. “I feel safe,” said proud parent, Natasha Eldridge-Davies who showed for her first ever D51 board meeting to support her daughter’s accolade for all-state choir. D51School Board President, Andrea Haitz, says, “What we strive…

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