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Don’t Abandon Small Businesses in the Energy Crisis

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As energy prices surge, UK politicians seem to be relying on Latin American literature for guidance. Like a novel by Nobel Prize winner Gabriel Garcia Marquez, officials have lost the ability to differentiate between substance and magical realism. But companies can’t afford to live in a fantasy land. 

Departing Prime Minister Boris Johnson is clearly a fan of the literary genre. In a valedictory address on Thursday, he blamed everyone but himself for the current situation: “It’s a chronic case of politicians not being able to see beyond the political cycle,” he said, blaming previous UK Labour leaders Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, out of power for more than a decade, for the problems. “Thanks a bunch Tony and thanks a bunch Gordon.”

But the Conservative Party has held power since 2010, giving it, in Johnson-speak, more than enough political cycles to change course. Yet British families face…

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