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Facebook says Trump ban won’t end until at least 2023

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Facebook said Friday that it will ban former President Donald Trump until at least 2023 — drawing new outrage as momentum grows to regulate social media platforms.

The decision means that Trump might still be able to regain access to his Facebook and Instagram accounts in time for the 2024 campaign if he seeks a rematch against President Biden.

But Facebook said it may decide to ban Trump even longer than the two years — and White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki endorsed that consideration at her daily press briefing.

Psaki said social media companies must police “disinformation” and that “we learned a lot from President Trump, the former president, over the last couple of years about his behavior and how he uses these platforms. It feels pretty unlikely that the zebra is going to change his stripes over the next two years. We’ll see.”

Former British deputy prime minister Nick Clegg, who works as Facebook’s vice president of global affairs, announced the two-year ban.

“At the end of this period, we will look to experts to assess whether the risk to public safety has receded,” Clegg said.

“We will evaluate external factors, including instances of violence, restrictions on peaceful