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Global Tax Overhaul Gains Steam as G20 Backs New Levies

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“For the United States, it’s going to be a fundamental shift in how we choose to compete in the world economy,” Ms. Yellen said. “Not a competition based on rock-bottom tax rates, but rather on the skills of our work force, our ability to innovate and our fundamental talents.”

Policymakers continue to grapple with what the global minimum tax rate will be and what exactly will be subject to the tax.

A separate proposal calls for an additional tax on the largest and most profitable multinational enterprises, those with profit margins of at least 10 percent. Officials want to apply that tax to at least 20 percent of profit exceeding that 10 percent margin for those companies, but continue to debate how the proceeds would be divided among countries around the world. Developing economies are pushing to ensure that they will get their fair share.

Mr. Bradley, of the Chamber, said that the details of a final agreement would…

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