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How ERA is good for the economy

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Labor Secretary Marty Walsh has said that a strong, equitable recovery depends on getting women back into the workforce. More than 4.6 million women dropped out of the labor force during the coronavirus pandemic, with Black and Latinx women disproportionately hurt by this devastating job loss. Women’s jobs are almost twice as vulnerable to being lost during what’s been called a “she-cession.”

Women have been playing catch-up in the economy from the start. We were intentionally left out of the Constitution. The blueprint for “equal justice under law” was written by the Founding Fathers (there were no mothers) for white men with financial means. History records the only thought given to women, albeit white women, was by Abigail Adams, who wrote to her husband, “Please remember the ladies.”

They didn’t.

As Congress and the White House navigate the economic path back from the pandemic, it’s time to correct the…

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