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How Gender Parity Looks On Business School Campuses

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Last year, the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania made history by enrolling more women than men in its 2023 MBA class. It was the first of the seven elite B-schools to have a class consisting of majority women. This year, Wharton repeated the feat.

Bloomberg recently examined gender parity among top-tier B-schools and explored what Wharton’s majority female MBA programs means for other schools.


While B-schools still have a long way to go on reaching true gender parity, many have made an effort to improve over the years.

The Forte Foundation, a nonprofit advocacy and advancement organization, has been tracking gender parity among B-schools for years. When Forte first started, 28% of MBA classes in the US were comprised of women. Just last year, however, that rate grew to about 40% among the 56 schools that Forte tracks. Elissa Sangster, CEO of Forte Foundation, says the chances of…

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