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Nashville celebrates National Black Business Month

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WSMV) – Metro Nashville is celebrating National Black Business Month through a series of events highlighting black businesses like the Nashville Black Market event that took place tonight.

“It’s just cool to see so many people appreciate different businesses,” said Xavier Payne, owner of XPayne Art.

Appreciating and supporting black businesses is why the Nashville Black Market started in 2018.

“There are plenty of people that know how to do things that need to be shown but don’t have the opportunity to showcase that, so we felt like there was an urge that we had to put out there for the community to see,” said Javvon Jones, the co-owner of the Nashville Black Market.

Xavier Payne, The owner of XPayne art, Xavier Payne, is one of the more than 75 black-owned businesses showcased Friday evening at the Farmer’s Market. His art is a form of storytelling.

“It’s been a lot of going from black pop art. Is…

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