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Rochester business celebrates Lunar New Year

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. — Lunar New Year is celebrating the Year of the Rabbit. As retailers roll out foods and decorations to commemorate the special day, one couple in Rochester is taking the time to celebrate through their business.

The Asia Food Market rings in the Lunar New Year.

“It’s like Christmas time when you are coming home,” owner of Asia Food Market Ling Ren said. “So all the people need to come home and then stay together for a big family. If you have 10 brothers, 10 sisters, everybody’s home. So we do traditional Chinese New Year, eat together and then have fun together.”

The retailer rolled out red lanterns and red envelopes for the year of the rabbit.

”It’s good luck especially for children and they give the red envelope,” owner of Asia Food Market Rockey Ren said. “Good luck [and] good health for the people with the red envelope.”

Owners Rockey and Ling Ren opened the first Asia food market location…

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