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Sales of Elizabeth Holmes swag are soaring online

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When it comes to fame and infamy, former Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes has apparently cornered the market.

Internet sellers are cashing in on mugs, T-shirts and even shower curtains in the weeks before her criminal fraud trial starts in August.

A review of online stores shows more than 50 listings of Holmes and Theranos merchandise on Etsy, Poshmark, eBay and Redbubble.

One of the more unique items is what’s billed as an authentic Theranos lab coat listed for $17,000.

Holmes, once a Silicon Valley darling, is facing federal wire fraud and conspiracy to commit wire fraud charges in connection with allegedly deceiving investors, patients and doctors about her company’s blood testing technology.

Yet customers are raving about their product purchases on social media.

In one TikTok, a young woman is seen posing in a mirror wearing a pink T-shirt that reads “Elizabeth Holmes is my #GirlBoss.”

Another TikToker shows off a mug featuring Holmes on one side and Theranos on the other. She says “I truly do wish that Elizabeth Holmes had an MLM so that I could join it.” An MLM is a controversial multilevel marketing operation that the U.S. Federal Trade Commission cautions may be a pyramid scheme.

And another pulls a T-shirt out of a