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Many of our clients are professionals, executives and business owners. Whether you own a global corporation or a one-man dental practice, you have employees to look after and a business to run. One of the toughest aspects of owning a business is the transition from growing from a small operation to a medium-sized company where you can no longer run everything yourself. Entrepreneurs value their independence; as their business grows, suddenly they find themselves needing advice. From hiring managers, to structuring benefit packages, to establishing a group retirement plan, Mount Equity Group advisors can help you find the best solutions. Helping our clients grow their businesses is part of helping them grow their wealth.
Business owners and professionals have a variety of corporate structures available to protect them and their assets. Whether it’s succession planning, wealth protection, litigation protection or tax sheltering, your MEG advisor can walk you through your options, and refer you to the appropriate tax or legal professionals as needed. In addition to managing our clients’ personal assets, many have corporate accounts with us. We manage cash, near-cash and longer-term assets for our customers, as well as facilitating competitive foreign exchange transactions. Company retirement and pension plans is another area where we support our clients. We manage these in-house and can advise on a wide range of outside managed-money products.  Whether you have a small foreign language school or a large multi-national corporation, Mount Equity Group will ensure you keep your employees happy and your business growing. Your success is our success.

  • Corporate structures
  • Employee benefits
  • Succession planning
  • Group pensions and insurance

Company Structures

Family offices, offshore corporations and tax shelters are some of the many solutions to structure your company effectively.

Employee Responsibilities

Optimizing how your run your company provides job security to employees. Optimizing benefits ensures you can hire and retain top talent.

Employee Benefits

Building a successful business means attracting the best talent. If you want to attract the best people, you have to invest in your employees. Mount Equity Group helps small and medium sized companies provide first-class benefits to their loyal employees. Competitive benefits include medical plans, group pensions and life insurance. Your MEG advisor can recommend ideal solutions to look after your people.

Growing from a Small to Medium Size and Beyond

Entrepreneurs are a special breed. One of the most vulnerable periods in a company’s trajectory is the transition from a small to a medium sized business. At this point, the entrepreneur needs to relinquish control of day-to-day operations to managers. Hiring the right people, delegating while still maintain effective oversight can be a challenge. Mount Equity Group is here to support you.

Quality Advice

Many details of corporate financial planning are specific rather than complicated. Simple changes can often make a big difference. At Mount Equity Group, we focus on solutions that maximize the overall wellbeing of your company. We work in conjunction with tax specialists, lawyers, insurance and other financial professionals to ensure your balance sheets are solid and your people are productive and loyal.

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