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Stocks week ahead: The US economy is never going back to ‘normal’

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The Back-to-Normal Index created by CNN Business and Moody’s Analytics stands at 93% as of June 18, a new pandemic-era high. 

The index is comprised of 37 national and seven state-level indicators that track metrics such as consumer credit, unemployment claims, job postings, domestic air travel and hotel occupancy.

The latest reading shows that America is inching closer to “normalcy,” but the last mile will be tough. Although various states have done away with pandemic-era restrictions, life as it used to be hasn’t fully resumed.

In fact, the pandemic may have changed some fundamentals of the economy in ways that mean it’s never going back to “normal.”

For example, many people are still working from home and might continue to do so indefinitely. While some companies are ordering their staff to return to the office, others are adjusting to a new normal of more remote work and a more geographically diverse workforce.

Travel is another…

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