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Study show Latinos’ influence on US economy

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The Dallas Morning News

If U.S. Latinos were an independent country, their economic output would rank fifth in the world.

The value of goods and services produced in a year by Latinos would far outpace that of the United Kingdom, India and France, according to the Latino Donor Collaborative, a nonprofit research group that partnered with banking giant Wells Fargo to measure Latinos’ economic impact in the U.S.

The collaborative’s mission is to reshape the perception of Latinos in American society and confront stereotypes with data about the actual role they play in the nation’s demographics, politics and commerce.

Latinos’ contributions to the country’s population, workforce and economy demonstrate the group’s impact on the overall success of the U.S. economy, their report said.

“U.S. Latinos continue to be our country’s true growth cohort,” said Sol Trujillo,…

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