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Texas-built Teslas must be shipped away before Texans can buy them

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Teslas built in the company’s new Austin factory will almost certainly have to be shipped out of Texas before they can be sold to buyers in the state — and Elon Musk is not happy.

Under Texas law, automakers are currently forbidden from selling vehicles directly to customers. Texas lawmakers were considering a bill that would have changed the law, but the state’s legislature concluded its session on Monday without advancing it.

The legislature does not meet again until 2023 unless the governor convenes a special session to consider the Tesla bill specifically — meaning Tesla will likely be stuck jumping through logistical hoops when it opens its factory in the nation’s second-largest state later this year. 

Tesla CEO Elon Musk weighed in on the Texas trouble on Thursday, saying on Twitter, “Tesla sure would appreciate changing the law, so that this is not required!”

Tesla, which did not immediately reply to a request for comment, features a page on its website urging customers to contact their lawmakers in support of “direct sales” laws and other legislation. 

Tesla appears to have been surprised by a Texas law that prevents auto manufacturers from selling cars directly to customers.John Nacion/NurPhoto/Shutterstoc

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