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The Best 3 Stocks to Buy for a Weak U.S. Dollar

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Right now, the U.S. dollar is seeing strength we haven’t seen in some time. This has created a series of headwinds that many multinational organizations have had to battle. That said, a weak U.S. dollar has historically been good news for big American multinational companies that get a large share of their sales and profits from foreign markets. On this list, we will look at three stocks to buy for a weak dollar, to understand how investors can profit from this situation.

A weak dollar makes U.S.-produced goods and services cheaper for foreign buyers, while at the same time making foreign-produced goods more expensive for Americans. That gives U.S. exporters a pricing advantage over their foreign competitors and boosts the bottom line of U.S.-based companies when they translate their foreign earnings back into dollars.

So, it’s no surprise that investors tend to bid up the stock prices of companies with strong…

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