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The US must not help Beijing stabilize its economy

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Just one day after Beijing ended its zero-
policy, and immediately following a meeting with leaders of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, Li Keqiang, a top official for the Chinese Communist Party, told reporters that
would welcome foreign investments and promote an institutional opening-up.

That message was echoed by Chinese Ambassador to the United States
Qin Gang
in an article titled “How China Sees the World,” published in the National Interest on Dec. 27. Qin assured readers, “China’s development means a stronger force for peace, not a growing power poised to ‘break the status quo,’ as some call it.” The ambassador also warned that “if people choose to see the world from a ‘democracy vs. authoritarianism’ perspective, they will be ushering in a world of division, competition, and conflict” — whereas “if they view the world as a community with a shared future, then openness,…

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