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Transcript: Future of Work: Business-To-Employee

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MS. STEAD SELLERS: Hello, and welcome to Washington Post Live. I’m Frances Stead Sellers, a senior writer here at The Post. Thank you for joining me for the third and final installment on our series about the future of work and how workers are affecting their industries over issues like racial injustice and social inequities. I’m joined today by two guests who are experts on these fields who’ll be talking about what companies have done to engage their employees and what they can learn by listening to them.

Rashad Robinson from Color of Change and Michael Whitaker from Just Capital, a very warm welcome to you both.

MS. STEAD SELLERS: And a word to our audience before we go any further, you can tweet your questions to Rashad, Michael, or to me by going to @PostLive, tweet them to @PostLive, and we’ll pick up questions as we can as we go along.

And before we start, I’m going to give a brief…

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