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‘We don’t need another dollar store’

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PONCE DE LEON, Fla. (Holmes County Advertiser) — Residents of Ponce de Leon are giving an Alabama-based developer pushback on plans to construct a dollar store right across the road from the existing Dollar General.

The town of Ponce de Leon seems poised for growth with access to Interstate 10, a rest area, a handful of fueling stations, a motel, an RV park and Ponce de Leon Springs to lure in travelers. Residents say they want growth but not in the form of another dollar store.

“We need a hardware store, more restaurants, a tire store, a doctor’s office,” said former PDL mayor Sheena Hougland in the Dec. 6 Holmes County Commission meeting. “There are many things we need; another dollar store is not one of them.”

The development was brought before commissioners in December by Holmes County Planner John Feeney as he was seeking retroactive approval of the initial lot split of the land as all required permits…

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