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What If ‘Fig-Leaf Feminism’ Is Just Business as Usual

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When Citigroup Inc.’s Jane Fraser pulled out of a forum of global financial leaders in Hong Kong, it left the marquee event with virtually no female speakers. More than that, it once again highlighted how still very few companies are run by women.

Fraser was supposed to be one of only three female panelists at the Global Financial Leaders’ Investment Summit heralding the reopening of Hong Kong after almost three years of stringent Covid quarantines and tightening political oversight from Beijing. Amundi SA Chief Executive Officer Valerie Baudson was another, but she also dropped out.

That’s why it’s time to shift the discussion beyond the boardroom to the C-suite. It’s no longer enough for companies to pat themselves on the back for adding women to their boards. They need to prioritize getting — and retaining them — in line management roles with profit-and-loss responsibilities …

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