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Will Delta Delay the Fed?

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Global financial markets had a remarkably serene and productive summer in the face of several challenges to investor sentiment, with both U.S. and global equities continuing to generate positive performance while bonds, for the most part, held their ground. Now, as we enter September, investors seem to have shed a bit of the complacency they may have developed over the summer. September, historically, has been the worst month for stocks, with an average drop of nearly 1% since 1928, according to Barron’s.

Investors face three major near-term challenges.

The Spread of Delta

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First, COVID’s Delta variant is wreaking havoc on our economy and on the global economy. While the employment numbers here in the U.S. have continued to be quite firm, global travel and global trade are clearly suffering with the rapid spread of Delta. It is hard to quantify just how much Delta has held our recovery back, but it has certainly put…

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