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15 Telltale Signs A Business Is Growing Too Quickly

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Generally speaking, business growth is a sign of success. However, when a company grows too quickly and doesn’t have the policies and processes it needs to maintain that growth in place, it can ultimately lead to trouble.

Many Forbes Coaches Council members have seen how businesses lacking sustainable systems and processes can grow beyond their means, impacting both employees and customers. Below, 15 members share telltale signs that a business is growing too fast and how leaders can help manage the growth before it spirals out of their control.

Members pictured from left to right.

Photos courtesy of the individual members.

1. Managers Doing Their Teams’ Work

One sign a company is growing too quickly is when managers are doing work that is the responsibility of their team. We are habituated to be “doers,” but as we grow into leaders, we must get better at setting the goals to be achieved and supporting our team to do the…

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