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2021 was year of retrenchment in business litigation

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Dec 20 (Reuters) – For litigators in big-ticket cases, 2021 was a year of a restoration after the pandemic stretched the bounds of normalcy in 2020.

There were still plenty of glitches – just ask inadvertent cat impersonator Rod Ponton — but courthouses reopened, juries returned and litigators learned to cope with mask requirements. To borrow what has become a hotly-debated phrase in post-Covid Delaware M&A cases, 2021 still wasn’t exactly the ordinary course of business. It was a lot more ordinary, though, than 2020.

COVID also seems to have subsided as a source of commercial litigation, though we’re still in the midst of crucial litigation over the power of state and federal governments to respond (or not) to COVID-19. Litigation over business interruption insurance claims is ongoing, but federal appellate courts have sided with insurers. Securities class action observers, meanwhile, shifted their attention from COVID-19,…

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