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Beware of the ‘economic transformation’ John Kerry is promising

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John Kerry finally got one right last week when he said shifting to a green economy would trigger a huge “economic transformation.” Only problem: The “transformation” will make the world worse, not better.

“A bigger economic transformation” is “right there at our disposal — bigger than the Industrial Revolution,” puffed the architect of the failed nuke Iran deal, now President Joe Biden’s climate envoy. “Millions of jobs” are just waiting to be created, he claimed, with “a massive amount of money” to be made “because there are 4.5 to 5 billion energy users in the world today.”

Yep, switching the world’s economy to renewable energy (solar, wind, etc.) will require an astronomical number of workers. And, sure, many companies that get in the game might reap profits.

What Kerry doesn’t say is that a vast number of jobs would also be destroyed. Assets, too: factories, power…

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