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China’s growing electricity crisis | — Australia’s leading news site

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Scores of Chinese homes are in the dark and in just a fortnight coal reserves could run out. It’s proving to be a very dangerous problem for leader Xi Jinping.

China’s electricity crisis is the result of a damaging power surge. By Chairman Xi Jinping, that is.

The official Communist Party line is that China’s power grid is simply shifting from fossil fuels to renewables.

But the electricity supply problem’s a bit more complicated than that.

First, there’s the matter of supply.

Drought. Extreme heat. Rebounding demand as the Covid-19 pandemic lifts. All are straining electricity production.

Meanwhile, coal reserves are dangerously low. There’s only enough supply for a few days – two weeks at most -of power generation.

And that’s not available because of Chairman Xi’s Great Power games.

When combined with surging demands on production, tightening carbon emissions standards, the instability of renewable energy supplies –…

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