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Experts say COVID-19 vaccine helping economic recovery | KLRT

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LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – New research shows the COVID-19 vaccine has saved the U.S. economy nearly $500 billion.

In a new study by Heartland Forward, experts say the quick development and fast deployment of the COVID-19 vaccine lessened the impact of the virus on our economy.

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When the world shut down last year to avoid a widespread virus, the economy took quite a hit.  

“Globally, you’re talking probably trillions of dollars of loss,” said Jeff Cooperstein, an economist at the University of Arkansas.

But then the COVID-19 vaccine turned things around. At least that’s according to researchers at Heartland Forward.

“So, we saved versus what we would have lost,” Cooperstein said.

Experts say because of the vaccine, we saw an estimated economic savings of $438 billion in terms of 2021 real…

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