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Facebook trying to censor posts from COVID-19 vaccine skeptics: report

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Facebook is reportedly trying to silence COVID-19 vaccine skeptics by using an algorithm that targets and demotes their comments on the site, the latest in Big Tech’s woke censorship push.

Two anonymous Facebook employees leaked internal memos to Project Veritas that purport to show that the social media giant has tested a beta version of its algorithm to track down vaccine-hesitant users. 

The algorithm was being run on 1.5 percent of Facebook and Instagram’s nearly 3.8 billion worldwide users, according to the leaked documents. 

The vaccine hesitancy ratings are divided into tiers zero, one and two, according to the leaked documents. Comments in tier zero are an explicit violation of Facebook policy while those in tier one are counted as “Alarmism & Criticism,” according to the documents obtained by Project Veritas.

The Facebook whistleblowers alerted Project Veritas about the new algorithm.Matthew McDermott

Tier two comments are “Indirect Vaccine Discouragement,” which include “shocking stories” that may deter others from taking the vaccine — even if they’re true, the documents show.

The algorithm would then assign comments in such tiers a “vaccine hesitancy” or a “VH Score,” the documents said, and could be hidden from the “most relevant” comments section or even