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Got a side gig? Turn it into a real business: Here’s how

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In 2017, Courtney Lynn Ottrix started blogging about things to do in Cleveland. She’d done some freelancing in the past, and the blog offered occasional opportunities for income.

But two years later, when her full-time position was eliminated, Ottrix suddenly found herself self-employed.

“I had started to see what could be of my business if I gave it my all,” Ottrix says. “And literally overnight, Courtney Covers Cleveland went from a blog to next level.”

Whether you’re pushed into it like Ottrix or have time to make a plan, following these steps can help you transition your business from a side hustle to self-employment.

1. Separate your business and personal finances

Ottrix started her self-employment by working as an independent contractor. But as she began working with larger brands and bringing in more revenue, she chose a business structure, filed for an employer identification number and opened a business…

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