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How Drivers Can Save on Fuel – NBC Los Angeles

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Gas prices reached all-time highs this week in California, where per-gallon prices skyrocketed to more nearly $6 in some areas. 

The statewide average price for a gallon of regular rose steadily over the past few weeks to $4.68. At a station in Los Angeles’  Mid Wilshire District, on Monday, a gallon of regular was $5.99. A gallon of premium gas at the station was $6.59.

So, what’s a frugal driver to do with holiday travel season on the road ahead? Here are some tips, including car maintenance advice and fuel-saving driving habits, from AAA to help your car’s fuel economy. 

Start by Checking Your Car’s Tires

It’s something drivers should do regularly anyway — after all, that’s where the rubber meets the road. Beyond making safety sense, properly inflated tires can help save fuel. A low tire increases the amount of fuel used. Look on the inside of your car’s door panel to find the correct PSI. Modern…

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