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Letter: How Lego can create a circular economy

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Your leader “Lego gives a lesson in corporate innovation” (FT View, July 3) failed to mention that prior to the plastic brick, Lego’s toys were entirely wood-based, which is a far more sustainable material. The shift to using recycled plastic, while certainly a technical challenge, is hardly innovative; neither are plant-based plastics, which have been around for some time now.

In both cases, the real challenge lies in the supply chain, for which Lego will have to rely on a sector that is still highly dependent on mandates and subsidies.

A real paradigm shift for Lego would be to stop selling kits, which contrary to what the article claims usually end up as loose pieces scattered around the house, and move instead to an “experience” based business model, where children (and adults) can pay a flat fee for spending a few hours constructing and pulling apart whatever their imagination can conjure up.

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