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Look Past Israel’s Bonkers Politics. Its Economy Is Thriving.

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As even the most advanced economies buckle under the highest inflation rates this century, anemic growth and depreciating currencies, Israel would appear to be irretrievably dysfunctional with voters preparing to elect their fifth government in less than four years. A day doesn’t pass without reports of clashes in the West Bank, the recurring hazard of Hamas missiles fired from Gaza and the peril of a nuclear showdown with Iran. 

Israel’s perennial headlines obscure a greater reality, which is that the Mideast nation of nine million is an economic juggernaut. It has the fastest growth and one of the lowest rates of inflation and jobless. On top of that, the shekel is the world’s best-performing currency among the 31 that trade actively and the only one that strengthened against the dollar the past decade.

Unlike any of the 34 developed economies, Israel is poised to achieve 5.2% gross domestic product growth in 2022, 3.5%…

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