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Permanent Daylight Saving Time isn’t all sunshine

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If the legislation can pass the House (where support appears less enthusiastic) and earn President Joe Biden’s signature, there would be no more falling back every year in the fall. More daylight and no more changing the clock.

Sounds nice, right? Not so fast.

The Senate’s enthusiasm for permanent Daylight Saving Time masks a very real debate at the intersection of human psychology, the economy and our collective sleep cycle.

First, some background. There’s an age-old myth that daylight saving was a practice adopted to give farmers extra time in the sun to work out in the field. But that’s not really why dozens of countries follow it.

Daylight Saving Time is a system to reduce electricity usage by extending daylight hours. For eight months out of the year, the US and dozens of other countries follow DST, and for the remaining four months, revert back to standard time in order to take full advantage of the sunlight.

While the practice…

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