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Prairie Grove home business ordinance passes

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PRAIRIE GROVE — Residents wanting to open home-based businesses will be able to apply for a business permit administratively in the future, instead of requesting a conditional use permit from the planning commission.

The business must meet criteria to qualify as a home occupation, and the owner will be required to follow all the regulations in an ordinance adopted by the city council on July 19.

Larry Oelrich, city administrative assistant, said legislators, in passing a new state law, “decided” zoning should not be an issue for a home-based business. In essence, Oelrich said, lawmakers thought cities were making it too hard for entrepreneurs.

Oelrich last week said residents will apply for a business license for a home-based occupation at City Hall. The applicants will sign a document verifying that they plan to follow the requirements of the ordinance, Oelrich said.

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