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At the start of June, Adam Griggs, the manager of Soft Shoe, was taking a much-needed vacation when his friend, Matt Browning, texted him about starting a podcast about owning a small business.

“I’m 18% serious,” Browning, the owner of Surge, said.

“That’s a great idea, and I’m 20% serious,” Griggs replied.

Five weeks flew by and Griggs and Browning launched the first two episodes of their podcast, Humans Doing Business, on numerous platforms.

According to Browning, the podcast takes a peek behind the curtain of small businesses. The goal is to produce an authentic story of the highs and lows of operating a business.

In each episode, Griggs and Browning sit down and have a conversation with a leader in the small business community.

For their first episode, they…

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