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The pinnacle of gasoline-powered cars | Business

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It’s a roar, an evil symphony of air and fuel being ingested and combusted, producing power and forward momentum that generates g-force rarely experienced outside of an amusement park ride or a rocket launch. Its purpose is to transport you, but little will prepare you for its true capability.

It’s the 16-cylinder 2022 Bugatti Chiron Super Sport, the ultimate expression of internal combustion powered cars — one last howl of unearthly, audacious delight as gasoline-powered cars begin their denouement into history. A victim of governmental dictatorial oversight, not consumer demand, cars of this ilk are being supplanted by electric vehicles, which are seen to be better for the environment.

But no one ever waxed rhapsodic over a golf cart, and it seems so many of the EVs being brought to market have…

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