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Unemployment checks are shrinking fast in nearly half of US states

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Fed up with generous US unemployment perks that critics say are impossible to effectively oversee for abuses, a fast-growing number of states are turning them down altogether.

Some 21 Republican governors are now looking to force workers back into the labor market by withdrawing from the federal program that provides an extra $300 in additional unemployment benefits every week, noting that it adds up to more than many employers can pay for entry-level jobs.

Last week, Arizona announced it would stop distributing the US supplement on July 10, instead offering a $2,000 bonus for those who return to work. States including Montana, Oklahoma and Connecticut are dangling similar cash incentives as they prepare to wean residents from the federal funds, which some economists say are threatening to slow down the US recovery.

“Although more people are ready to work today in Arizona than before the pandemic, many businesses are struggling to fill vital positions,” Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey said. “We cannot let unemployment benefits be a barrier to getting people back to work.”

Some Republican lawmakers say people are ready to return to work but generous stimulus