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US dollar falls in unemployed complaint reports

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New York, August 5 (Xinhua)-The US dollar fell in late Thursday trading as market participants digested the country’s unemployed bills.

The dollar index, which measures greenbacks for the six major peers, decreased 0.02 percent at 92.2534.

In the second half of New York trading, the euro fell from $ 1.1838 in the previous session to $ 1.1835 and the pound sterling rose from $ 1.3887 to $ 1.3932 in the previous session. The Australian dollar rose from $ 0.7382 to $ 0.7404.

The US dollar bought 109.75 yen, which is higher than 109.46 yen in the previous session. The US dollar fell from CHF 0.9063 to CHF 0.9061 and from CAD 1.2551 to CAD 1.2494.

On the data side, the U.S.’s first unemployed bill, which is a rough way to measure layoffs, recorded 385,000 in the week leading up to July 31, down 14,000 from the previous week’s revision level, the Ministry of Labor said. Reported on Thursday. The readings were in good…

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