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USD/CHF: Dollar Keeps Positive Dynamics

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Despite the fact that the ‘s attractiveness as a defensive asset has declined, it still retains its recently won positions in the foreign exchange market.

Against the backdrop of reports from South Africa that the course of the disease of those infected with the new omicron strain has a milder form than with the disease with previously identified strains of coronavirus and against the backdrop of the rhetoric of the adviser to the President of the United States on medical affairs Anthony Fauci, who believes that the new mutation of the coronavirus “omicron” is not more dangerous than other strains, the activity of buyers of risky stock market assets has increased.

Over the past 2 trading days, major US and European stock indices have risen significantly. So, since the beginning of this week, the US broad market index has risen by 3.2%, returning to the zone of record highs, and the European has added 4.3%, completely recouping…

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