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Discussing The Birth Of The Bitcoin Dollar

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[00:00:06] MG: What’s going on Alex? Sorry, I started to write a tweet and unmuted myself. Oh, super good, man. Great week so far. How about yourself?

[00:00:15] AM: Pretty good man. Just waiting on this next bullish news. I don’t know if the third ETF is going to get passed or we’re going to go down or we’re going to go up, what do you think about all this? These all-time highs?

[00:00:28] MG: Oh man. We’re going to see so much volatility for sure. I think we’re definitely in that whipsaw moment, but I’m pretty confident it will be medium and long term up, definitely. So short term, you never know, but I’m pretty, pretty damn bullish, always.

[00:00:45] AM: Yeah, me too. Are we waiting on CK or do you want to dig right into your piece?

[00:00:51] MG: Whatever. Yeah, either or, happy to get going and definitely happy to wait for CK for sure. I can do a little introduction, why…

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