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Help for Detroit’s small business owners

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DETROIT (WXYZ) — Up and coming business owners may face a variety of frustrations in the City of Detroit. So, the city created a business liaison position. It’s been around for about four years now, but those who need the resource may not know about it.

“Connect with your district DBL. Connect with them, introduce yourself, (and) tell your story. They listen to those stories,” business owner Stephanie Watt said.

Watt told her story to district business liaison Mikki Godfrey. Watt is revamping a mixed-use building she owns on Kercheval, having poured $200,000 dollars of her own money into the facade renovation.

The Detroit native says when she needed to take the next step and cut through red tape with the city, another business owner previously helped by Godfrey connected the two.

Watt said, “That’s what they’re here for and the resources…. resources that I was completely unaware of.”

Godfrey is one of seven district business liaisons…

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